Feast by the Fire

The art of open-hearth cooking at Babel

By Babel Restaurant on October 24, 2019 • News
hearth \ härth \ : the floor of a fireplace, usually of stone or brick, often extending a short distance into a room

The dining experience at Babel extends far beyond the food we serve. You might notice the eclectic decor, the dramatic bar, or the skylight above as you enter the restaurant. But the actual sensory experience comes from the hearth.

Open-hearth cooking is a historical practice that dates back centuries. Cooking over an open flame is an art that requires the cook to understand the fire and the power it holds. Our menus are centred around a 12-foot hearth, used to prepare various meat, fish and vegetables, bringing a new element of flavour to our dishes. Using a blend of wood and charcoal, the hearth offers a three dimensional approach to cooking, versus the unilateral heat source of a grill alone. 

Much like sitting around a campfire can be mesmerizing, cooking with fire is tied to our primal instincts, scratching a deep-seeded itch and feeding our fascination. Our chefs tap  into this DNA-level desire, showcasing flavours of char on the palette, aromas of smoke on the nose, sounds of crackling wood to appease the ears and the sight of rising flames to excite the eyes. Central to our overall menu design, delivering on the sensorial experience of live fire cooking is baked into every dish.

“Hearth-based cooking is at the heart of Babel,” said Corporate Executive Chef Anthony Walsh. “There’s no better sensation than walking into a restaurant where you can smell the smoke and see the flames. We’re excited to be able to share this sensory experience with our guests, all within a comfortable dining space.”

Join us for a feast by the fire. Explore our menus and book your table today.