grilled octopus, sesame garlic potatoes, green harissa, spinach

Eat your heart out at Babel Restaurant


wine by the glass

SPARKLING 5oz / btl

cantina montelliana prosecco, veneto, italy
12. / 61.

WHITE 5oz / 8oz / btl

monvin pinot grigio, veneto, italy
8. / 12. / —

nicholas idiart sauvignon blanc, loire, france
9. / 14. / —

cave spring riesling, niagara, ontario
10. / 15. / 45.

te henga sauvignon blanc, marlborough, new zealand
10. / 15. / 49.

tin roof cellars chardonnay, california
12. / 18 / 59.

la paradou viognier, france
13. / 19. / 60.

ROSÉ 5oz / 8oz / btl

la maldita garnacha, spain
12. / 18. / 59.

RED 5oz / 8oz / btl

monvin cabernet sauvignon, veneto, italy
8. / 12. / —

ragazzino sangiovese merlot, italy
8. / 12. / —

luccarelli primitivo, italy
9. / 14. / 40.

solid ground pinot noir, california
12. / 18. / 59.

solid ground cabernet sauvignon, california
12. / 18. / 59.

We also offer a variety of wines by the bottle. Download our menu for full offerings.


mythos (330ml bottle)

estrella damm (500ml can)

lost craft wit (473ml can)

lost craft sirius (473ml can)

lost craft cider (473ml can)


italian soda 5.
monin syrup, soda



windfield’s flowers 1.5oz     11.
tanqueray gin, dillon’s selby elderflower liqueur, angostura bitters, lemon & cranberry juice, tonic, egg white, edible flower

afternoon in the path 1.5oz     11.
smirnoff vodka, chambord, lemon & cranberry juice, soda, barberries, pomegranate

wilket punch 1.5oz     11.
el dorado rum, dr. mcgillicuddy’s intense peach, lemon & pineapple juice

medina sunrise 1.5oz     11.
sauza silver, dillon’s selby elderflower liqueur, orange juice, pomegranate molasses, maraschino cherry

white sangria 3.5oz     10.
monvin pinot grigio, triple sec, orange & lemon juice, sprite

elderflower sparkler 3.5oz     12.
casalotta spumante, dillon’s selby elderflower liqueur, mint syrup, soda

grapefruit julep 1.5oz     11.
jim beam, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, mint

harvest sangria 3oz     10.
monvin cabernet sauvignon, triple sec, cherry brandy, pomegranate juice


martini 2oz     16.
cîroc vodka, dolin vermouth

manhattan 2oz     16.
lot no. 40 whisky, dolin vermouth, angostura bitters

negroni 2.25oz     16.
dillon’s gin, campari aperitivo, dolin vermouth

old fashioned 2oz     16.
wild turkey bourbon, angostura bitters

dark & stormy 1.5oz     12.
gosling’s black rum, ginger beer, lime juice

aperol spritz 4oz     13.
casalotta spumante, aperol, soda

dill pickle caesar 1.5oz     14.
dillon’s canoe dill pickle vodka, clamato, lime juice

Please make us aware of any food allergies, as there may be ingredients that are not listed.

Lunch & Dinner

starters and snacks

housemade pickles & olives ⓥ 8.

babel simit bread & pita ⓥ 7.
labneh, sumac, olive oil

babel hummus ⓥ 12.
crushed tomatoes, green harissa, marinated chickpeas,
sumac, olive oil

falafel ⓥ 9.
four pieces, tahini, green harissa

smokey charred eggplant ⓥ 13.
citrus, tahini, date molasses, pistachios, pita crisp
*not available for takeout

fried squid 15.
pickled lemon mayo, sesame, sumac, cumin
*not available for takeout

babel wings 17.
one pound, housemade hot sauce or dry spice

chicken loaded fries 15.
babel salsa, tahini, garlic aïoli, sesame, sumac, cumin

babel barbacoa cauliflower for two ⓥ 19.
yoghurt, sunflower seeds, barbecue sauce, pomegranate
*can be plated separately upon request

creamed burrata for two ⓥ 26.
grilled pear, fried black kale, lightly spiced osprey honey, candied walnuts, dates, crispy pita
*can be plated separately upon request


vegetable slaw ⓥ 13.
heirloom roots, cabbage, sesame and citrus dressing

crushed avocado ⓥ 16.
green beans, quinoa, sunflower seeds, citrus segments,
smoked paprika

babel fattoush meets caesar 14.
romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onions, fresh mint, anchovies, parmigiano-reggiano, babel caesar dressing,
sumac, citrus vinaigrette


add to your salad

falafel (4pcs) ⓥ 9.
salmon fillet (6oz) 11.
beef tenderloin kebab (8oz) 15.


substitute fries for rice & grain pilaf for 2.

chicken shawarma 17.
pita, tahini, garlic aïoli, chickpeas, pickles, lettuce, tomato, fries

babel lamb burger 23.
pita, smashed 6oz patty, tahini, garlic aïoli, olive relish, mozzarella, feta, pickles, tomato, lettuce, fries



falafel  15.
pita, tahini, garlic aïoli, chickpeas, pickles, lettuce, tomato, fries

vegetables, pastas and pizza

stuffed eggplant ⓥ 17.
béchamel, tomato, onion, spinach, mushroom, cumin,
toasted almond

spaghetti aglio e olio 23.
shrimp, chili, garlic, tomato, white wine
*not available for takeout

pizza 19.
spiced ground lamb, anaheim chilies, garlic aïoli, tomato, pomegranate molasses, tahini, fresh mint, mozzarella,
feta, barberries

main plates

alaskan sole 34.
pine nuts, charred lemon & brown butter sauce, wheat berries, sugar snap peas, broccolini

atlantic salmon fillet 27.
simmered swiss chard, walnuts, tomato, candied eggplant

babel barbacoa lamb shank 36.
couscous, labneh, spiced roots, pomegranate

beef tenderloin kebab 30.
rice & grain pilaf, seared greens, tomato

spiced roasted half chicken 27.
rice & grain pilaf, seared greens, tomato


rice & grain pilaf ⓥ 5.
caramelized onions, gingered oil

lemon couscous ⓥ 6.
citrus juice, fresh herbs

babel fries ⓥ 7.
sesame, sumac, cumin


warm flourless chocolate torte ⓥ 12.
sour cherry compote, labneh cream, pistachio

knafeh ⓥ 10.
creamy touma cheese, hazelnut, pistachio, cinnamon syrup
add a scoop of pistachio ice cream 3.

selection of ice creams ⓥ 10.
*not available for takeout

ⓥ vegetarian
Please make us aware of any food allergies, as there may be ingredients that are not listed.

Please note: Sesame, garlic and onions are staples in our Mediterranean cuisine. For guests with these allergies, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur.