Thanksgiving Dinner

Join us for dinner this Sun, Oct 10, or enjoy a Babel Thanksgiving feast at home!

By Babel Restaurant on September 27, 2021 • Archive
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Babel's Best Thanksgiving Turkey

This Thanksgiving, dine with us or feast at home!

Join us for Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday, October 10 between 5pm and 8pm, and enjoy a succulent Apple & Fennel Turkey Roulade served atop freekeh, charred veggies, gravy and cranberry sauce.

SOLD OUT – Prefer to stay in? Bring home Chef Rosalin’s hassle-free Thanksgiving dinner for two ― ready to heat, serve and enjoy ― for $79! From a delicious Baba Ghanoush to our tasty Turkey Roulade, and Turkish Delight Cookies to finish the meal, this flavourful feast will leave your face with a grin and your cravings satisfied!

Preorder Babel’s Thanksgiving dinner for two by Thursday, October 7 for pickup on October 9 or 10 from 11am to 5pm.

babel’s thanksgiving

sold out – take-out heat-at-home special
serves 2 people

babel’s bread basket
saj bread, pita, crisps

baba ghanoush
charred eggplant, tahini sauce, housemade pickles, pomegranate seeds, date molasses

honey roasted sweet potato
cinnamon, ginger, flavoured labneh

charred greens & root salad
charred brussels sprouts, green beans, baby carrots, turnips, arugula, dried cranberry, toasted almonds, balsamic vinegar, pomegranate seeds

turkey roulade
apple and fennel stuffed turkey breast

roasted wheat, bulgur cooked in chicken stock, toasted cashews, pistachios, almonds, pine nuts

turkey gravy

cranberry & sage chutney
ginger, shallots, raisins, turmeric, sage, orange juice

turkish delight cookies
chocolate cardamom cookies, turkish delight filling, tahini, pistachios, rose petals

dine-in special

apple & fennel turkey roulade 34.
freekeh, charred greens and roots, gravy, cranberry sauce

(v) vegetarian
Please make us aware of any food allergies, as there may be ingredients that are not listed.